Case Study

Hitesh Malviya


Hitesh Malviya is the founder of, India’s first & older blockchain cryptocurrency publication. As a crypto guru/investment expert/early adopter, he has over 5 years of experience in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

The world of cryptocurrency is growing at a pace that nobody had thought of until now. Similarly, Hitesh Malviya matured himself to flourish as a Crypto Guru by combining his 5+ years of experience in the cryptocurrency domain and the blockchain industry.

Malviya has set his benchmark high with more than 1000 by-lines under his name. Additionally, he has enlightened 10000+ people across the globe on strategies for scaling their crypto investments.

Currently, Hitesh is pursuing actively. With Hindusthan Cyber Force, HCF, Digital Gorkha, and Sriyaan Technologies, he has been a man of words who has always provided deep insights and valuable services to his clients with many start-ups.

Branding of Hitesh Malviya and

Crypto PR Agency in Delhi

You need to tell the story of your business and a public relations strategy is the way to do it. Despite the rise and continuing influence of digital and social media, which is a critical part of many of today’s successful media campaigns, there is still a place and a need for good public relations.

For new brands, public relations can be an important tool for building an industry presence and for established businesses, the practice can help to further their reach and reformulate the aims and targets of a new product or service.

1. First of all, collection of important information from the brand on its product, success and other USPs
2. Then we did brand familiarization with media through information seeding in selective media verticals relevant to the brand
3. Conducting interviews: Hitesh Malviya, Founder, with top tier Business Media List regarding company’s achievements, business and future prospects.
4. Industry story participation: Secured various industry story participation opportunities for the brand to position them as industry experts.

Results of good Public Relations

Building a successful personal brand — one that propels you to prominence in your field — is actually easier than it looks.

Remember, from the bottom of the mountain the summit always looks unattainable. But if you focus on the process of getting there — taking one small step at a time — you’ll find yourself looking down with amazement at the world you left behind. It’s a journey well worth taking!

1. Extensive brand awareness through media coverage
2. Media talked positively about
3. Spokesperson was established as an industry expert
4. No coverage in any of the negative stories
5. Brand’s credibility increases
6. Hitesh Malviya — As a influencer
7. Excellent relationship with shareholders, investors and others in financial community

The Astounding journey in the Cryptocurrency world after the introduction of Public Relations

Being an enthusiastic serial entrepreneur, Hitesh established a cybersecurity start-up in India in 2012. He began mining bitcoins on a gaming machine owned by a friend. Hitesh mined four bitcoins in less than a month in 2012 and sold them when the price of bitcoin reached $600. When Bitcoin started to decline in value in 2013, he believed it was the end of the cryptocurrency.